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The most frequently asked questions and answers about the company and the packagings which may provide you useful information.

Q: Is your company member of any important international group?
A: No, we are an Italian independent company which is not affiliated to any international group.

Q: What kind of packagings do you manufacture?
A: We manufacture light and heavy metal packagings of the so-called "general line" kind.

Q: What do you mean for "general line" packagings?
A: It deals with packagings generally intended for industry, for different productive sectors and namely: paints and varnishes, solvents, inks, sizes, lubricating oils, sealants.

Q: Which raw material do you use ?
A: Tinplate is the staple raw material. It is a low carbon steel (max. thickness : 0.49 mm) coated with tin by electrodeposition. The carbon steel allows to manufacture products so shaped as to have the necessary durability that their utilization requires. The layer of tin protects steel from corrosion and helps to keep unchanged the characteristics of the goods the packagings are filled with. The packagings, whose capacity ranges from 30 to 70 litres, are made of cold rolled steel.

Q: Can the packagings be customized?
A: Yes, of course, because not only the customer can choose different dimensions and closure systems, but he can also provide the image to be lithographed on the outside of the packaging.

Q: Does your product offering include packagings for the transport of dangerous goods?
A: Yes, a wide range of type-approved packagings is available.

Q: How do you transport the packagings ?
A: They are transported on wood pallets filmed with shrink or stretch film.

Q: Is a minimum order size required ?
A: Yes, it depends on the type of the ordered product.

Q: What about your delivery time ?
A: It depends on the quantity and on the customized lithographic print of the product on order. It generally takes about 20/30 days for the first delivery of lithographed packagings.
Cavioni Fustitalia S.p.A. V.le Longarone, 21/23/25 - 20080 Zibido San Giacomo (MI)
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