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All the specifications of the standard series of packagings we manufacture are detailed in the relevant technical sheets, even if it is worthwhile to point out that not all the heights of the packagings are available for the different types of closure systems.
For any out standard requirement, the staff of the sales department will be able to offer technical advice for a tailor made product.
In order to meet the requirements of industries relevant to the transport of dangerous goods, the product offering has been enhanced with a broad range of type-approved packagings.
Before using a type-approved container, it is however advisable to check that:
  • the regulation related to the sea, road transport allows its use for the goods to be conditioned in it;
  • the specifications of the container and the filling product match for compatibility.
It may be helpful to emphasize that the law imposes restrictions on the use of packagings with removable lid for sea and air transport and easy terms and exemptions are granted for the transport of dangerous goods in small quantity in some cases.

Cavioni Fustitalia S.p.A. V.le Longarone, 21/23/25 - 20080 Zibido San Giacomo (MI)
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