About us

Cavioni-Fustitalia is a well-established firm that operates nationally and internationally in the sector of tinplate packagings for industrial use. We can supply a wide range of type-approved packagings for the transport of dangerous goods.

Cavioni-Fustitalia was founded in 1998 from the merger between two companies located in the area and specialised in manufacturing metal packagings.
Commitment, passion, innovation and effective quality allowed the business to grow and respond to market changes.

State-of-the-art technologies, business plan, collaborations with certified suppliers, internationalisation, added to extensive expertise in the “general line” sector enable Cavioni-Fustitalia to respond promptly and agilely to the customers’ needs.

In 2007 Cavioni-Fustitalia obtained the Quality certification in compliance with UNI-EN-ISO 9001:2000 standard.
Meeting customers’ needs and even exceeding their expectations represent the main goals of our quality management.

Cavioni Fustitalia - rullo per la produzione di latte e imballaggi metallici
la storia di Cavioni Fustitalia, imballaggi metallici adatti ad ogni vostra esigenza

Product quality

We constantly offer our customers the highest quality of the product, CERTIFIED and ASSURED according to the highest European certification standards. Cavioni-Fustitalia has adopted the quality management system UNI-EN-ISO 9001/2015.


We put people at centre stage in all our activities; our highly-skilled and qualified staff along with low turnover enable us to stand out.


Ongoing innovation is the linchpin to develop capabilities and hence to enable our business to be successful on a global market; It generates value for both customers and the business itself. Cavioni-Fustitalia is constantly on the lookout for the best technical and operational solutions.

Care to customer

As customers are at the heart of our business, we take them every step of the way through tailored-made solutions: measures, capacity, type of packaging, eventually type-approval, customization, printing, delivery scheduling, without disregarding the product performance.
The good alignment between sales and quality control departments enables to provide an efficient after-sale service so as to submit customers satisfactory solutions.


Safeguard of the environment is meaningful at each stage of the production process

Quality Management System

ISO 9001 is the certification that adds value to products, services and enable us to sustain the competitiveness.
Cavioni Fustitalia - certificazione rina ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 certification is turnkey to access to worldwide markets, from products to services.
A management implementing ISO 9001 standard enables the business to be looked as more qualified, to increase visibility, to tackle competitiveness, to be more resource efficient to achieve its final goal, to provide customers greater care within its borders and abroad.


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