Our products

You are offered a wide portfolio of metal packagings to choose in and find the solution to your needs.

Our product range comes with capacities from 0,125 lt to 70 lt, Ø from 65 to 378.

We aim to widen our portfolio of packagings and keep up with the latest technologies.

A leaflet showing overall specifications of each type such as standard height, capacity and quantity per pallet is available for download.

It is available a wide range of type-approved packagings for the transport of dangerous goods.
Before using a type-approved packaging, it is however advisableto check that:

  • the relevant regulations (road. sea, etc…. transport) expects its use for that specific filling product;
  • the type of approval is consistent with the specifications of the filling product.

It is furthermore worth to stress that severe restrictions limit the use of packagings with removable lid for sea and air transport of dangerous goods and that easy terms and exemptions apply to small loads dangerous goods.

Cavioni Fustitalia - rullo per la creazione di lattine e imballaggi metallici

Cylindrical cans

From ø 65 mm to ø 190 mm

Conical cans

Cylindrical drums

From ø 306 mm to ø 378 mm

Conical pails

From ø 310 mm to ø 378 mm


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